Solar Panel Installation: Five Reasons To Use A Professional

If you have decided that solar panel installation is the eco conscious way to go to lower energy bills at your home, business, or farm, the next step is deciding whether to hire professionals or do it yourself. DIY kits are available that may be relatively easy to install, but even if you have electrical [...]

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There Are Many Factors To Consider Before Buying Home Solar Panels

Buying home solar panels is an effective way to reduce your energy bill and insure yourself against the rising electricity prices. You will also have less impact on the environment by decreasing your carbon emissions. Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable home solar power systems. With zero down options, locked-in monthly rates [...]

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Solar Panel Installation: Step-By-Step Process

The second most common question we get is, “What all is involved in a solar panel installation?” (The most common question has to do with costs, but we’ll leave that for another post) This second most common question is an excellent question because, unlike traditional electrical installations, you don’t simply call the electric company and set [...]

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