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What’s New at Lifetime Solar

Solar Panel Installation: Five Reasons To Use A Professional

If you have decided that solar panel installation is the eco conscious way to go to lower energy bills at your home, business, or farm, the next step is deciding whether to hire professionals or [...]

There Are Many Factors To Consider Before Buying Home Solar Panels

Buying home solar panels is an effective way to reduce your energy bill and insure yourself against the rising electricity prices. You will also have less impact on the environment by decreasing your carbon emissions. [...]

When You Install Panels With Lifetime Solar, The Solar Panel Lifetime Can Span More Than 40 Years

When it’s time to get solar panels installed at your home, you may wonder what’s the solar panel lifetime, and what about warranties? Lifetime Solar has you covered and has the answers for your questions. [...]

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Residential Solar Panels Are Powered By Light, Will Work Throughout The Winter

While you’re busy buying warm winter clothes, you might be wondering if your residential solar panels will work throughout the winter. The good news is they are powered by light, not heat, so they will [...]

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Energy Efficient Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners

With prices falling rapidly, installing energy efficient solar panels can dramatically trim your energy bills — if you do your homework ahead of time. Residential photovoltaic systems — the type of solar panels that produce [...]

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Home Solar Panel Installation Makes Sense For All Seasons

When is the best time for home solar panel installation? Always! It doesn’t matter what season it is, because one your panels are installed, you start being more energy efficient. If you planted an apple [...]

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