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There has never been a better time to switch to solar!

solar panel installation

About Lifetime Solar

With over a decade of experience, we are an owner-operated company committed to delivering a first class full service experience each and every time. Solar is our passion, exceptional customer service is our promise.

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Sell Solar Power to Your Electric Co.

When your solar panel system produces more electricity than you need, your electric meter will run in reverse, selling power back to your electric company. It’s a beautiful thing.

How it Works

Exceptional Service & Best-in-Class Solar Panel Components

Lifetime Solar is committed to providing exceptional customer service and to installing best-in-class American made residential, business and farm solar panels and German-engineered solar inverter components.  Solar panel installation made simple.

About Lifetime Solar
Solar Panel Real Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

We provide an up-to-the-minute monitoring system with every solar panel system we install. Monitoring allows our solar friends to view their daily, monthly and yearly power production, and for us to monitor for optimal electricity production.

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Earn Cash for Talking Solar

When you refer friends, family and neighbors, we will pay you up to $1,000 under our Solar Referral Program.

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Own, Don’t Rent Your Electricity

Solar Panel Cash Incentives

It’s Your Money

Take back the power

$0 down loan options
No pre-payment penalty
Energy savings day 1
Receive all tax credits
Invest in your home

Solar Panel Full Service


We have you covered

We prepare all the paperwork
We obtain the necessary permits
System warranty
Real-time monitoring
In-house solar panel installation team

Solar Panel Credit Incentives

It’s Simple

Say goodbye to stress

Instant credit decision
Streamlined process
Online loan execution
Automated payments
No lien on your home

Lifetime Solar Panel Difference

There has never been a better time to go solar.

How can solar benefit your home or business?

Zero down and low monthly payments, and it is all covered by a 25-year Lifetime Solar workmanship warranty and 5-year Lifetime Solar workmanship warranty. Learn more with a FREE, no obligation consultation with our professional solar panel team experts.

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